Here’s the thing about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Innovation.

The cryptocurrency/blockchain community has forked into two psychological camps. The first camp is enamoured with all things blockchain and the potential innovation it represents. This camp includes the hyperledger community, company innovation divisions, new cryptocurrency startups and some of the ICO startups. These folks are convinced there is more that can be done from a new improved blockchain. In the other camp; the cryptocurrency lovers, the ‘crypto-democrats’ , libertarians and the anarchists. These individuals are just as enamoured with the potential of what the internet of money (via Bitcoin), its forks, Ethereum and some of the other top ten like Dash and Monero can achieve. It’s the democratisation of money that they love. And, as Andreas Antonopoulos says “Bitcoin is going to win because it’s open. In a world of tinkerers, of experimenters, and of makers, open wins. The reason it wins is that it allows innovation to flourish at the edges.” I would argue … Continue reading “Here’s the thing about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Innovation.”

The democratisation of everything, but let us do money first!

If you have been following fintech, bitcoin and consequently the blockchain, you would know that the underpinning technology is one of the most exciting things to emerge from the connected world since the internet itself. Why? Well the following question might give you a hint (one I was asked recently). “What regulatory regimes are needed in a financial world where national sovereignty is increasingly bypassed?” In other words, “How do we control and, of course, tax our citizens that are using bitcoin?” Legitimately, our nation’s leaders are asking, “How do we pull economic levers to put more or less money into the system, and how do we apply and affect fiscal and monetary policy in a world of bitcoin and new fintech business models where our people are leaving the reservation as it were?” Of course, they are also endeavouring to counter the funding of terrorism and money laundering. The two key questions for me … Continue reading “The democratisation of everything, but let us do money first!”